• Author Guideline for Marine Litter News

  • 20.04.24
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Author Guideline for Marine Litter News



Dear authors of ‘Marine Litter News from East Asia Civil Forum on Marine Litter,’


Thank you for preparing your valuable manuscript for our journal. We welcome articles regarding researches, education, policies, and any other activities on marine litter issues from the globe. To make your article more easily understandable to readers around the world, please pay attention to the following guidelines.


1. Composition of Articles


(1) Title

-Please make it concise and understandable.

-Including the name of the relevant country is recommended.


(2) Name of the author

-The author should be natural persons even when writing articles representing organizations.

-Name of organization, author’s position, and email address should be included


(3) Figure, Map, or Table

-Figures, maps, or tables are recommended to be included in articles.

-Especially maps showing the geographical context of the article is strongly recommended.

-Each figure, map, and table should have captions explaining the figures, maps, and tables.

-Each figure, map, and table should be submitted as separate files.


(4) References

-Referencing other texts for explaining the situation is recommended.

-All the lists of documents referenced needs to be included.


2. Submission, Acceptance, and Edition

-Anybody from around the world can submit the articles via email


-As the journal is published at the end of May and November, draft articles need to be submitted by the end of April and October.

-All the articles which have basic quality will be accepted. The article may be 500-1000 words or longer if approved by the editor.

-The editor may ask some revision of the draft to make the article more easily understandable to readers.


3. Publication fee

-There is no publication fee to be paid by authors to us or by us to authors.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Sunwook Hong (Ph.D), the editor.